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Reasons to not trust a seller's home inspection report


It is important to note that not all home buyers purchase every home they put an offer on due to some reasons. Some of the reasons are that the seller and buyer fail to get along, and the seller lost interest in selling the property. In some cases, the current condition of the property is worse than envisaged by the prospective buyer.

As soon as the deal didn’t go through, the prospective buyers move on to other homes ready for sale for another round of inspection. The seller will have to wait until another buyer shows interest in the property, and share the home inspection report with the seller and the realtor.

However, this home inspection report may be given to the new buyer of the property. If you read this article, it would show several reasons why you should not trust the home inspection report of the previous buyer.

One of the reasons why you should not trust the previous home inspection report is that you, being the second buyer does not have a contract with the home inspection company that created the inspection report. The home inspection company is not likely to attend to your queries when there is a need to fix an item in the house. They do not have legal obligation to attend to your inquiries.

You should not trust the inspection report prepared for the previous buyer because you were not there at the inspection and do not have an idea of the agreement between the previous buyer and the home inspector. It is important for you to hire the services of a competent home inspection company for your inspection report to avoid such circumstance.

Another reason why you should not trust the home inspection report designed for a previous home buyer is because of warranty issue. In most cases, home sellers and realtors purchase a home warranty for the new homeowner. If your home inspection report is not complete, the chances of getting compensated by the home warranty companies are non-existent. Most of these home warranty companies will make use of the home inspection report to know if some of the gadgets were functional when you paid for the property. If you lack a home inspection report that states the true picture of things, you will be left to your fate whenever there is a need to fix a damaged item in your house.

If you know that you are about to buy a property that has been inspected in the past, it is better to have your home inspection done by another competent home inspection company. This would offer you protection in the time of trouble and provides you with a genuine warranty.

At Inspekt Pro, we understand your needs and possess the right skills and expertise to deliver an amazing home inspection service to your satisfaction. We have a licensed and qualified team that specializes in the inspection of a property and help you make an informed decision about your property purchase.

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