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What to look for during a home inspection

Most realtors recommend home buyers to conduct extensive home inspection before making an offer on a property. The idea behind home inspection is to protect prospective home buyers from avoidable renovation expenses after moving into the house. If any problem is identified during the inspection, both parties can negotiate to resolve any issue or incorporate the repair expenses into the offer before it is presented.

Home inspection ensures home buyers get real value for their money, and it is an integral part of the home purchase procedure that must not be ignored. In this article, you will learn more about what you need to check during the home inspection process.


The foundation is the most critical part of the structure, and there is a need for you to check for cracks in the foundation of the property. If your home inspector notices a crack in the foundation, it is important to conduct another inspect to evaluate the integrity of the building structure.


The home inspector should check if there are leaks on the roofing. However, if the roofing is not leaking, you need to have a thorough inspection of the roofing to know if there are defects that would trigger leaks on a later date. It is essential to check if there are big trees around the home you are about to buy. According to research, wet leaves from big trees surrounding the property can wreck havoc for the homeowners.


It is important to check if the surrounding land slopes away from the property to ensure there is no flooding on the property. However, you need to be sure that 6-8 inches of the concrete foundation shows clearly and each drainage spouts and gutters should be away from the home.


You need to check for the windows and doors and be sure that they are free from debris and rot around the window sills. You must ensure windows and doors open and close with a quality seal as they save you from spending more on cooling and heating expenses.


You need to check for the presence of insect damage if the property has decks and porches.


It is important to check for any peeling of the exterior siding. You should also check rain gutters, trim to have a fair idea of the condition of the property before you make an offer.



You should check the walls, ceilings, and floors in the property for water damage. It is essential to pay attention to plumbing fixtures for mold and water damage, and you must check for cracks in the exterior walls to know if there are insects and rodents in the house. You should check the wall and floor surfaces like wood floors, tile bathrooms and carpet before making an offer.


If the property is sold with appliances, you need to check if each gadget is functional. Appliances may include dishwashers, dryers, microwaves, and refrigerators.


It is critical to evaluate the electrical system in the property. The inspection should cover the light fixtures, circuit breakers and outlets, furnace, and inspectors should take time to check the response of the thermostat and ventilation of the home.


You need to check for the leaks around the pipes and plumbing fixtures in the home. You should check hot and cold water pressure by switching on multiple faucets. You should pay attention to the bathtubs and showers in the bathroom for water damage. Make sure you check the hot water heater is also working at an optimal rate.


You need to check for water damage if your home has a basement.


You need to check each fireplace and chimney in the property for loose bricks and mortar, and evaluate the stability of the structure.

The essence of a home inspection service is to help you unravel a problem about the property you want to purchase. It does not mean you should not buy the house; home inspection plays a significant role in helping you determine the actual worth of the property. When you inspect a property, it gives you a fair idea of the real value of the house and prevents you from paying more than the value of the property. Home inspection enables you to present a reasonable offer for the house you want to buy.

If you need a competent hand to help you with home inspection service, you can trust Inspekt Pro to deliver an amazing customer experience.

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